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Mister Fresh and Clean Gold Star Process

Carpet Cleaning Townsville

1. Pre-Vacuuming: The first step that should be performed before any carpet cleaning process is a good pre-vacuuming. According to a well-documented study, dry soil comprises 79% of the total soil in a carpet. Removal of the dry soil is very important. If we were to add a cleaning solution to a carpet filled with dry soil we would, in effect, make mud. Therefore a good vacuuming program should be encouraged for all clients. And if the carpet is in need of vacuuming at the time of cleaning it should be pre-vacuumed before proceeding with the cleaning.

2. Pre-Treating: If there are more heavily soiled areas, pre-treating can assist the cleaning. We treat every stain prior to cleaning. Our trained technicians identify and treat each stain accordingly.

3. Encapsulation Carpet Dry Cleaning is a low moisture cleaner that allows you to walk on your carpet within an hour. This cleaner blends detergent emulsifiers with a unique crystallizing polymer. Perfect for loosening and encapsulating carpet soil. This soil can then be easily removed upon routine vacuuming. Encapsulation also eliminates rapid re-soiling, and reduces carpet wicking, leaving your carpet fresh and clean to walk on immediately.

4. Post Vacuuming & Resetting the Pile is important as it goes hand in hand with the encapsulation process. Once the carpet has been cleaned, vacuuming picks up the encapsulated soils, which are crystallised in the carpet leaving it fresh and clean. The carpet is now free of any soil attracting residues. Vacuuming also lifts the pile giving it that plush feel like new again.

5. Deodorising your carpet to give it that fresh clean feel and smell, this is a must.

Upholstery Cleaning Townsville

Our gold star upholstery cleaning service offers the use of DriMaster. This tool offers revolutionary jetless cleaning technology to clean upholstery faster and shears away soil without over wetting. Leaving your upholstery looking and feeling brand new.